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Live sound is extremely complex and must be tailored to the environment where it is taking place. The type of performance also greatly affects the dynamics that will take place during a show. If the sound is overwhelming, then the audience will struggle to enjoy it. If aspects are difficult to hear, then it will not draw them into the performance as effectively.

The right balance must be achieved, and Paxton Sound, Inc. can provide this for all of your events. Our years’ of experience have given us knowledge on how to set up sound equipment properly for many different types of situations. Whether it is at a small venue or outdoors, we will make sure the audio comes across just right for the entire audience.

Concert sound is especially tricky, no matter what kind of environment it takes place in. Every band and performer plays at different volumes, thus it is imperative that the proper set up is used. Paxton Sound, Inc. specializes in this with personnel who are knowledgeable on correct speaker placement during the show. They also use their years of monitoring experience to minimize any discrepancies that may arise.

The sound service in Shreveport, LA, which we provide, is top-notch and unmatched. We know it is important to you for the audience to enjoy what they hear, and we ensure the audio equipment is perfect for it. In addition, our work at all events is only of the highest quality. Contact us without delay to guarantee the success of your next gig!

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